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Panel | Muslim Perspectives on Adoption & Kafala

Dec 4th 2011
Dec ’11
3:00 pm


Muslim Perspectives on Adoption and Kafala

Date: Saturday December 10, 2011
3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: Auditorium, Noor Cultural Centre

This panel brings together scholars of Islamic jurisprudence and Quranic exegesis to consider historical, legal, exegetical, and practical questions around care of orphaned children in Muslim contexts.  While it is usually an unquestioned assumption that Islam prohibits adoption, the speakers will address the complexities of the textual and legal traditions concerned with orphans and their care.  The panel will seek to answer such questions as: what are the differences between kafala (guardianship) and adoption?  How are the child’s best interests served in these different systems? How can a Muslim perspective contribute to the current debate about international adoption?


Dr. David Powers is a Professor of Islamic Civilization, Islamic history and law, and classical Arabic texts at Cornell University.  One of his research focuses is on the history of Islamic law and its application in Muslim societies.

Dr. Mohammad Fadel is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.  He has published numerous articles on Islamic legal history.

Dr. Margaret Aziza Pappano is an Associate Professor of English literature at Queen’s University.  She has published numerous articles on gender and religion and is currently writing an article on adoptive mothering in the Muslim tradition.

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